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How We Buy

Our buying strategy is quite unique in comparison to most grocery stores. We prioritize buying in a way that allows us to pass great savings on to our customers!

an unsorted bin of miscellaneous non-food items

Finding Great Deals

A lot of the groceries you’ll find in our store are “discount” groceries. This means that we buy these groceries from distributors offering great deals in order to quickly move products that most big box stores consider unsellable due to a number of factors including dents or tears in packaging, near or past expiration dates, or products being discontinued.

Banana Boxes

A lot of times we’ll buy a full truckload of banana box pallets. These loads provide a great variety of essential groceries, and some pretty unique finds. We go through these boxes at our warehouse, sorting the products into different categories, and doing quality control to make sure the products meet our standards before putting them on our shelves.

4 barrels of apples

Fresh Produce

The produce you’ll find in our produce department is generally always fresh. However, sometimes we will find great deals on produce that may not have a long shelf life and we jump at the opportunity to give our customers even more savings. While we do occasionally find these great deals, we carefully monitor the condition of our produce so we don’t put out produce that has gone bad.

deli cheese in a display case

Always Fresh

Products in our deli and our bulk foods section are always fresh and never past expiration date. The method we use for buying products in these departments is similar to how traditional grocery stores do their buying.

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