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Meet the Owner

Sommers Discount Market owner and his family posing for a family picture

Who Am I?

I was asked that question a couple weeks ago when I was supposed to introduce myself at a leadership conference that I was attending. I never like to answer that question because I don’t like to talk about myself.

Who I am and what I have accomplished in life is mostly due to God, and good people that have taught and mentored me. I really can’t take much credit.

I don’t want this business to be about me or what I have done or even accomplished in my life, and I certainly don’t want to do this job just to make a living.

Obviously to have a healthy business you must make a profit, but that should not be the main goal in business.

Some business owners would probably laugh at me for saying that, but I have learned and come to believe that our main goal as leaders should be to serve our employees to make sure they have tools to succeed and to serve our customers well. Profit should be a byproduct of serving others, holding to our values, and treating others the way we want to be treated. It sounds simple but often hard to do.

I am still learning how to do that well and still mess up and make mistakes. But it’s like I tell my employees, it’s through mistakes that we have the opportunity to learn and grow.

But, if you must know more about me, my name is Roland Sommers and I am happily married to the best girl in the world with five amazing children.

I love being a husband and a father and the opportunity I have to love and serve them. Sometimes I feel like I have learned more from my children than they have learned from me.

I have lived in Ohio most of my life and am very much of an outdoors person when it comes to my hobbies and what I like to do for fun when I have the time. I also really enjoy spending time with my wife and kids and try to keep them priority above my work and hobbies.

I also believe in God which I try to make priority in my life.  I believe that everything that I have, whether big or small, is from Him and it’s my job to manage what He has given to me. I try to live to honor Him in all I do even though I fall short so often. But that is why I need God in my life to help me be the person that He meant for me to be.

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